Video & Multimedia Specialist


With 12 Years experience in commercial video production,

my career spans the whole spectrum, from start up's to

International Corporations, working worldwide as well as the UK.


Generating new customers for my clients & producing unique concepts to engage the right audience

I’ve been lucky to work with some amazing companies. My approach to a project is to fully engulf myself in the companies ethos and values, the specific industry, competitors and target audiences. Then a full strategy and concept creation is developed, presented and implemented to the highest level.

I’m honest and open with all of my clients, I’m driven by success and I’m not afraid of a challenge. Over the years of working with clients and consulting for agencies, I’ve built up an amazing network of other freelancers and specialists that can help me on projects.

Above all my skill sets, I’d consider my biggest asset to be interacting with people. My experience has led me to develop a dynamic communication range which is a huge advantage within the media production environment.

The revolutionary Hacienda Classical shows began in 2016, Click through to see a collection of videos Dan has produced for them

Dans work with The Worldwide Revolutionary Hacienda Classical Events

How Dan transformed the online presence of Business Doctors

Dan worked with Business Doctors over several years to put their online video presence ahead of the game

My Clients On Me

A few kind words from clients and yes... I'm not going to put any negative ones up! In fact, there have been very few people that I struggle to work with and tolerate in general, I've learned to 'politely part ways' if there is no synergy between me and a colleague or client, If I'm not happy creating work that I love then I'm not one to just stay and collect a payslip for the sake of it.

Documentary by Dan - Sankeys Evolves

A short documentary covering the journey that Sankeys the club has endured since opening in 1994. Compiled with footage that Absorb has captured along the way filming the trials, tribulations, madness and unique times that were had.

Contact Details


  • dan@danielrenton.com

  • +44 (0) 7842 230 551